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Planning with Jessica: plans for the week

Hello! This is Jessica again! As I mentioned in the previous article, today we will create a plan for the upcoming week together.

First, choose a planner. It’s crucial that you like its design, as it will make it easier for you to return to planning. And don’t forget that beautiful things simply bring joy.

You can download the tracker that I will fill out today for free on the website. You can also go to our app to find exclusive trackers, planners, stickers for decoration, and covers!

If you’ve chosen an undated planner, like me, then let’s mark the dates. I love the color pink, so I’ll use it for highlighting.

Next, I enter recurring tasks. For me, it’s yoga and French lessons. It’s always easier to start with recurring tasks and build the rest of the schedule around them.

Now let’s add work meetings that I also mentioned in the monthly planner. You can see how I filled it out in the previous article.

Next, I add one-time events that I also included in the monthly schedule. For me, it’s a movie night with Jack and a culinary masterclass. I’ve been wanting to attend something like this for a while.

Now let’s make a to-do list. I must not forget about my French homework. Also, I have a protein bar advertisement order, so I’m also listing what needs to be done here.

I also add reminders to prepare for work meetings.

I am a personal fitness trainer, so I schedule the workouts I will conduct this week.

I add a couple more tasks – a coffee meeting and a cleaning day.

I must not forget about the shopping list. I need to prepare for the movie night with Jack.

And just like that, in a few minutes, we’ve planned the upcoming week! Enjoy planning and organizing your time. See you in the next article!

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