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Planning with Jessica: plans for the month

Hey! My name is Jessica, and I absolutely love planning! Time planning helps me stay organized and productive. Let’s create a harmonious plan for the month together.

To start, choose your favorite planner. The visual aspect is crucial. You should feel the desire to return to planning again and again. The monthly tracker that I will fill out with you is already available on the website, and you can download it for free! Exclusive planners, trackers, stickers for decoration, and covers can be found in our app by following the link.

If you’ve chosen an undated planner, like me, let’s mark the dates. I love the color pink, so I will use it for highlighting.

Now let’s move on to the priorities for this month. Think about the goals you want to achieve this month, what habits you want to establish. You can categorize them: personal, professional, physical, etc. Highlight the most important goals you want to achieve next month and focus on them.

Next, let’s schedule tasks that will repeat over the month. For me, it’s yoga and French lessons. You can write down your workouts, book club meetings, or anything else here.

Of course, leave space for unexpected hangoutswith friends or coffee meetings, but it’s also crucial to pre-schedule events you know about in advance.

I’ve signed up for a culinary masterclass, so I’m adding it here. Movie night with Jack and a picnic with the girls, which we’ve already agreed on, also fall into this category of tasks.

Next, add everything related to your work to the calendar. Right now, I’m working on creating my own fitness course, and this month, my team and I plan to start shooting video lessons.

As important tasks, I mark lesson plans approval (we discuss this with the team) and filming, as well as a call with a nutritionist to help prepare a balanced menu.

For visualization, I usually add a few images and stickers reflecting my plans for the month.

That’s how quickly and easily it all turned out! Plan your time, and you will surely achieve all your goals. In the next post, I’ll tell you about how I plan my week. See you later!

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