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Learning for fun: a selection of trackers and stickers

Section 1: Useful trackers for studying

1. Subject notes

Proper management of notes is the key to success in learning.

2. Semester overview

Be sure to write down your schedule. This will help you navigate through the semester.

3. Semester overview

We also have a vertical version of the semester overview.

4. Weekly study plan

Outline all your training plans for the week so that you don’t forget anything.

5. Course overview

Write down all the important information about the course you have chosen.

6. Student Info

Tracker for recording useful information about you as a student.

7. Class Info

Information about the class will help you quickly navigate at the right moment.

8. Class schedule

Write down all the tasks so that you don’t forget anything.

9. Grade tracker

Track grades to encourage yourself to study.

10. Student tracker

Track various types of training and your progress in them.

11. Lab report

Do not forget to make good reports on laboratory work.

12. Research article summary

A well-written research report will help you get a good grade.

13. Assigned reading notes

High-quality arguments are what will make everyone listen to you.

Section 2: Convenient stickers in the design of notes

1. Study doodles

Diversify your notes, so studying will become less boring.

2. New arrows

Easily draw flowcharts and make footnotes.

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