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For your favorite hobby: cooking, gardening, reading and fashion

Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast, a green thumb, an avid reader, or a fashionista, organizing and tracking your hobbies enhances enjoyment and skill. Our specially curated collection of trackers, stickers, and planners is tailored to make your favorite pastimes even more rewarding.

Section 1: Cooking

Culinary Creations Made Easy

1. Cooking planner

Let’s start with the main thing – a glider for writing recipes.

2. Recipe card

Recipes can also be written on special cards.

3. Apple Pie

Apple pie recipe in pictures.

4. Watercolor kitchen

Delicate watercolor stickers with kitchen objects.

5. Vegetables

Funny vegetables that will decorate your recipes.

6. Fruits

Also, do not forget about fruits. they will become bright accents on the pages.

7. Recipe cards

Stickers cards for short recipes.

Cooking is more than just preparing food; it’s an art form. With these tools, you can unleash your culinary creativity and streamline your cooking process.

Section 2: Gardening

Grow Your Garden with Confidence

1. Garden plant profile

Record all the data about your plant in this tracker.

2. Seed Inventory

Before planting seeds, do not forget to write down all the information about them.

3. Plant profile

Another option for the design of your plant’s profile.

4. Plants leafs

Delicate watercolor sheets for the design of your notes.

Section 3: Reading

1. My library

Collect all your books on an improvised digital shelf.

2. My book shelf

Collect all your books on an improvised digital shelf.

2. My library

Mark the rating of your books in your personal library.

3. Book Profile

Share your impressions of the book you have read.

4. Reading tracker

A simple reading tracker to track your progress.

5. Books I have read

Write down the books you have read and rate them.

6. Plot map

Inspired by what you have read, try to write a short story yourself.

Section 4: Fashion

1. Students summer

The summer before college is the perfect time for relaxed clothes.

2. Cute red

A cozy sweater and a pack of strawberries.

3. Autumn vibe

Evening bonfire and guitar songs.

4. That girl

The girl who inspires everyone.

5. Mint clothes

Cozy clothes will warm you up on the coldest day.

6. Clothes

Minimalistic stickers with clothes.

Gardening is a journey of growth and discovery. These trackers and planners are designed to help you cultivate a thriving garden, no matter your level of expertise.

No matter your hobby – be it cooking, gardening, reading, or fashion – our selection of trackers, stickers, and planners is here to enhance your experience. Embrace your passions with organization and style, and watch as your hobbies bring even more joy and fulfillment into your life.

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